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Mini excavator "budget version"

Interactive simulator, education and joy for all kids. The Mini excavator budget version is a cheaper version of the ordinary mini excavator which  means it is not equipped with:

  • lights
  • music
  • "main plate", it has not got so many option like the regular machine
  • counter
  • special pneumatic parts (like the special valve which removes air after playing)

Moreover It is equipped with:

  • smaller "aircylinders"
  • mechanic "coin acceptor"
  • noisier compressor
  • smaller cage
  • fewer balls inside the cage

It does not mean that the budget mini excavator is a product which is build from worse parts. It still has a normal  warranty, however, simply does not have so much decorative elements like the regular mini excavator does.

Call us if you need more information!+48 539 020 710


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